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Kolhapur Floods

Kolhapur battled with yet another problem along with Covid. Incessant rain floods causing houses, roads, commercial establishments to be submerged in floodwater. A large number of people were deprived of basic needs, were dislocated, and had lost access to daily needs. Food packets were delivered to over 200 people. The scarcity of water was the major issue, over 1 Lakh litres of water was distributed, and necessary aid was provided.

The after-effects of such massive destructive floods were far worse. People lost their homes; the structures were demolished. Krish and his team did a survey and pledged to raise funds to rebuild the houses. The project ‘Rebuild’ is in progress and soon the affected families will be getting back their life, their homes.

Krish has etched philanthropy in his mind and will continue to work towards his passion project of providing the less fortunate a little chance of succour.