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Real Gold as Gifts during Dussehra Celebration

Navratri is often associated with women’s empowerment because Goddess Durga is worshipped. Power, truth, education, peace, rebelliousness, and a caring mother are considered the attributes of the deity. We made the choice to make this Navratri unique for our city’s devoted widows. These three devout widows work hard for their daily wages and survive themselves, so Krish and his team donated real gold and saree to them. It truly felt like worshipping the divine feminine. They also acknowledged Krish and his team’s contribution to the unique vision. Moreover, while Krish and his team were passing by, they saw a man mending cycles. They approached him and found out that he has been doing this service from last 30 years. They enhanced his Dussehra by gifting him real gold too. This was indeed an overwhelming experience for Krish and his team as their ultimate goal is to make people smile and they definitely added more on that day. Special thanks to you for being one of the reasons behind these smiles!