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Rickshaw Drivers got Insured!!


The ‘rickshawalas’ are like arteries of the city, essential to keep the city going. Pedalling for bread, the rickshaw drivers still struggle to meet the needs, with covid-19 worsening the situation. Krish Mahadik and the team reached out to a few drivers to know more about their troubles which highlighted a grave problem of rickshaw drivers not holding any insurance. An event was organized where almost 1200 rickshaw drivers got their free insurance up to 2 lakh rupees each. All the formalities of the insurance were taken care of. This insurance policy ensured financial security to the drivers to face any unforeseen tragedies. The relief which showed on rickshaw drivers was beyond imagination. The appreciation expressed by the drivers towards the Mahadik family was overwhelming.

“It is sad to see our rickshaw drivers who work around the clock for us did not even have insurance for their security. I am very happy that the Mahadik family could do that for them and even in the future these drivers can contact us anytime and we aim to bring aid to our rickshaw drivers in every possible way.”