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#TeamKM Building Homes

“We are bringing a change and you are a part of It’, is what Krish, along with Team KM had promised and it has been delivered. Krish Mahadik Store had collected enough revenue to build the house of a flood-stricken lady. From providing the required equipment to checking on the progress of the house, Krish personally dedicated his time and energy towards this project. Once her house was rebuilt, the lady thanked Krish for helping her during tough times. Krish was overwhelmed with the blessings he received and he urged people to be a part of the charitable work he is conducting. He also mentioned how this project was manifested due to the positive response received for Krish Mahadik Store.

“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do such great deeds. I just want to thank my family and all my supporters for your constant love. I am lucky to have you all by my side. You are the reason why this is all happening today.”

– Krish Mahadik